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John Neville Cohen

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Netsuke, inro, snuff bottle and jade carvings - 645 colour photographs, with signatures and seals. Described by Neil K. Davey & Robert Hall.

The Cohen Collection

of Asian Antiques



John Neville Cohen Painting with Light - 'Spirit of Spring'

Painting With Light
Limited Edition Prints



How to create photographic magic without a computer or a darkroom - See the portfolio of award winning photographs.  John Neville Cohen.

Special Effects

Photographic Magic



Joseph Cohen and the History of Jacey Cinemas Ltd., John Neville Cohen

Joseph Cohen
and the History of Jacey Cinemas



Jensen CV8 and 541S classic cars - Lots of information & photographs plus an in depth article about the fabulous 541S. John Neville Cohen.

541S & CV8

Jensen Classic Cars



A very original postage stamp collecting album. John Neville Cohen

A Very Original
Postage Stamp Album


Copyright Free Royalty Free
Large Photographs
That will not Date

Photographic original backgrounds that will not date - Copyright free photographs for Mac & PC - Exceptional value,  John Neville Cohen.

Photobackings 100
Background Images Own A Low Cost Library


UK Development Site

Investment Opportunities

La Alcazaba Apartment
in Puerto Banus

For Sale


To Actuality PhotoDigital. A special effect photographic and design studio.   John Neville Cohen.

Design, Special Effect Studio
and Commercial Photography


John Neville Cohen

Contact Details

A Series of Articles by John Neville Cohen

Articles on Various Subjects

Articles for New Collectors of Asian Antiques

Articles on 'Painting with Light' Photography

Marilyn Monroe, Sir Michael Balcon,
Arthur Miller, Cecil Day-Lewis & Daniel Day-Lewis

The Not So Distant Famous Relatives of Our Bind Side of the Family.


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Large Limited edition Prints by John Neville Cohen.

Pictures that make quite a statement!

Painting with Light Pictures by John Neville Cohen

"How much better it would be, if all these pictures could be shown where they belong, rather than competing with each other on an exhibition wall."

To the Limited Edition Prints of Pictures by John Neville Cohen

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You will find unique information, with lots of fast loading pictures, on all of the topics below.

To John Neville Cohen's dedicated site for Painting with Light Limited Edition (only 8 of each picture), fine art prints for sale.

Articles for New Collectors

(Author John Neville Cohen)
 Invaluable help for collectors of Asian antiques. How to buy and avoid the most common mistakes, when buying antiques, particularly netsuke, inro, snuff bottles and jade.

The Cohen Collection  
Asian antiques (645 colour photos of fine Japanese and Chinese antique; netsuke, inro, ojime, snuff bottles, pendants & jade carvings) all fully described by renowned experts Neil K. Davey + Robert Hall. An essential reference work for the serious collector that is beautiful and very easy to use.

Joseph Cohen & The History of Jacey Cinemas Ltd 
Information on our family business created by my Grandfather Joseph Cohen.

British Classic Jensen Cars  
(Author John Neville Cohen) Very informative about the rare Jensen 541S & CV8 sports cars, particularly about the little known superb Jensen 541S manual drive, a classic car with lots of photos.

Copyright Free or Royalty Free Stock Photographs  
These are exceptional value 18MB photographs that will not date!

A 'Special Effects' Course  
(Author John Neville Cohen)
 Amazing to see what can be done in pure  photography without any expensive equipment, computer, or darkroom.  All is achieved with a projector - the magical 'Magic Lantern'.  All details of this extraordinary technique is clearly explained and all for free!

Poetic Portfolio  
Fascinating photographic exhibition of 'The Magic Lantern' award winning 'special effect' photographs by John Neville Cohen.

La Alcazaba Apartment in Puerto Banus For Sale 
Outstanding 3 double bedroom apartment, all on one level, for sale at La Alcazaba, Puerto Banus, Marbella, Spain.

Investment Opportunities  
Opportunities, Property items for Sale.

Commercial Photography  
Professional photography and graphic design by Actuality photodigital.

Postage Stamps For Little People  
See all the pages and paintings for a unique way of collecting stamps.

The Planning & Paintings for The Album  
Shows the first sketches and paintings and an amusing letter.

Not So Distant Famous Relatives of the Bind Side of John's Family.
Marilyn Monroe, Sir Michael Balcon, Arthur Miller, Cecil Day-Lewis & Daniel Day- Lewis 

John Neville Cohen's Blog
My Blog

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Poetic Portfolio
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