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1950 Broadcasts


British Pathe News that featured Jacey Cinemas Ltd

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In 1953 the News Theatre in Birmingham was 21 years old (the first News Theatre in the provinces) and the occasion was featured by Pathe News.  The theatre celebrated its 21st birthday by charging the same old prices as charged on the opening day for new films, Joseph Cohen is included.
21st Birthday of the News Theatre Birmingham

Video (2)
The official opening of The Tatler News Theatre on 20th March 1937.

The Opening of The Tatler News Theatre

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In 1953 Pathe News announced that it is proud to be associated with Jacey Cinemas in providing a world film news service.  This news service also provided extra feature films of all the most important Royal events.  Most people did not own a Television in those days. 
Special Trailer for Jacey Cinemas

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In 1956 the official opening of the Cinephone in Birmingham was featured, Joseph and Doris Cohen, George and Betty, my sister Rayner presented the flowers to the Lady Mayoress.  
Opening of The Cinephone Birmingham

Video (5)  An extra news video that includes more of the above. 
More about Jacey Cinemas


Our London Cinemas

Jacey News Theatre, Leicester Square

Opened next door to the Empire Theatre around 1936 the Monseigneur was a 350 seat News Theatre.

It became a Jacey News Theatre and in June 1960 was known as the Jacey Cartoon Cinema.  

It opened on 16th April 1970 as a continental feature film cinema simply known as The Jacey Leicester Square. 

It closed on 24th June 1978.  It was then converted into a shopping arcade. In 1983 it was redeveloped as a Casino and Restaurant.  

Jacey News Theatre, Marble Arch

This Monseigneur News Theatre opened on 22nd February 1939 and was the last one they opened.   

In June 1960 it became the Jacey Marble Arch.  It closed in December 1967 when it was converted and opened as The Jacey Galleries antique and art shopping arcade with a cafe and shops.  

Jacey in the Strand

Opened in August 1935 as a Monseigneur News Theatre within Shell-Mex House and was taken over by Jacey Cinemas Ltd. in June 1960.

It soon opened, after some modifications on 23rd February 1961 as The Jacey in the Strand.  It closed on 11th January 1966.

Then it was converted as a Postage Stamp Centre and the auditorium converted into units for various Stamp Dealers.  

Jacey News Theatre, Trafalgar Square 

This 300 seat Monseigneur News Theatre opened in 1936 and was acquired by Jacey Cinemas in June 1960, by 1962 it became the Jacey Cartoon Cinema. 

Changed name on 18th June 1970 to The Jacey showing continental feature films.  It closed on 23rd July 1981 and was the last Jacey Cinema in the West End.  Subjected to internal demolition, keeping the original Hotel frontage, but a cinema no longer exists here.

The Cinephone, Oxford Street

This Cinema was created within part of Keysign House. It opened on 15th  January 1940 but soon closed because of the air raids.  The Goverment requisitioned it in 1941. 

It had 458 seats and opened as The London Film Theatre in February 1953. The name Cinephone was introduced on 21st October 1954 and the best of Continental Feature films were shown. It closed on 31st January 1973.   

It was taken over as a sales office for British Airways and later became a Waterstone's bookshop.    

Jacey, Times News Theatre, Baker Street

Opened on 7th December 1938 as The Topical News Theatre (the first to be built in an underground tube station) owned by the Monseigneur Group it was renamed Time News Theatre (not Monseigneur like all the others)

Acquired by Jacey Cinemas in June 1960 who only changed the name in April 1967 to the Times Cinema showing continental feature films.  After some redecorations it opened as Jaceyland in October 1967. 

Anthony Balch took over in October 1968 and changed the name back to the Times cinema. In 1972 it was sold to Cinecenta and was converted into two very  narrow cinemas, later taken over several times first by Star cinemas, Cannon cinemas, MGM and lastly ABC.

It closed on 14th January 1999 and has been converted to a tourist souvenir shop.  

Jacey News Theatre, Piccadilly Circus

The first Monseigneur News Theatre opened on 1st November 1934, it was originally the Monseigneur Restaurant converted to a 284 seat cinema that featured a coffee area where you could still watch the film.

It became a Jacey news theatre in June 1960, opening later as The Jacey feature film cinema in July 1994. Sold to the Cinecenta group in May 1972.  It changed hands many times and was closed on 8th July 2001. Eventually in 2007 it became The Pigalle nightclub.

Jacey, Tatler News Theatre, Charing Cross Road

Opened on 26th August 1911 but after a fire the cinema was refurbished and changed hands a number of times till acquired by Gaumont, when it opened as The Tatler cinema on 16th February 1931 as a news theatre.  But for six years till 1947 it only showed Russian feature films. 

Acquired by Jacey in 1950 who improved the cinema and opened it as the Tatler News Theatre. 

On 10th January 1966 it was renamed the Jacey Tatler Cinema showing continental feature films. 

It was sold early in 1977 to Cinecenta.  Later converted into three small cinemas and opened on 17th February 1977 as the Filmcenta, but it was taken over a couple of times first by Star Cinemas in 1979, then by the Cannon Group in 1985.

Closed on 7th January 1987.  It became the Marquee Club, later 'The Moon Under Water' and still later 'The Montagu Pyke'.  

Our Cinemas in the Provinces

The News Theatre, High Street, Birmingham

Opened in 1910 as The Cinematograph in High Street, Dale End.  Later in 1917, it became The Imperial Playhouse and in 1922 renamed The Oxford.

In 1932 Joseph Cohen purchased it and named it The News Theatre. The first one in the Provinces.  It closed in 1960.

The News Theatres were the first cinemas to use the moving scintillating signs on the front of their buildings for all the latest headlines.

Jacey Cinema, Princes Street, Edinburgh

The Princes Cinema opened 28th September 1912 with a cafe on the first floor. Closed in 1935.  Reopened in 1937 as the Monseigneur News Theatre. Acquired by Jacey Cinemas in June 1960.

Jacey Film Theatre opened in January 1964 after extensive redevelopment showing continental feature films.  

Closed in June 1973 when taken over and converted for retail by Gap.

The News Theatre, Peter Street, Bristol

Opened in 1910 as Queens Hall converted to a cinema in 1915.

The first purpose built News Theatre in the UK.  Acquired by Jacey Cinemas and modernised to open on 26th December 1933 (it also included a cr�che for children).  Closed in 1956.   

Later demolished and is now part of Castle Park.

Jacey, Prince's Cinema, Brighton

First opened in 1911 as the Bijou Electric Empire, then became in 1919 The Princes Cinema.  

Taken over by Jacey in 1935 - renamed in 1947 Prince's News Theatre.  In 1967 it became the Jacey Cinema.  

Later opened on 24th February 1969 as The Brighton Film Theatre (BFI) that closed in 1978 and was then taken over by Cinescene.

Closed in June 1983 later to  become a Burger King.  

Liverpool News Theatre, Clayton Square.

Opened in 1909, with 2 cashier boxes, changed owners several times with name changes, known as The Picture House, in 1914 Prince of Wales, in 1936 taken over by Stanley Grimshaw and in 1946 acquired by Jacey.

Opened 17th December 1946 as the news theatre. One year later the name was changed to the Jacey Film Theatre showing continental feature films.  

Later it became the Gala Liverpool International Theatre from 20th September 1962 till the last performance on 7th July 1972.    

This building was then converted to a Church.  

The Cinephone, Market Street, Manchester

Opened by the Provincial Cinematograph Theatres chain in 1914 as the Market Street Picture House.  From 1927 to 1946, it was taken over by J.F. Emery circuit.

Jacey Cinemas purchased it in September 1949 and ran it as a News Theatre till February 1950 when it was launched as The Market St. Theatre, showing continental feature films, later continuing as a Cinephone.  It closed on 14th January 1974. 

Many surrounding buildings were demolished including this cinema to become the Arndale Shopping Centre.  

Jacey, Tatler Cinema, Station Street,  Birmingham

The Electric cinema was opened on 27th December 1909.  Showing silent films and became the Select Cinema in 1920's.  

Purchased by the Jacey Group, it changed to The Tatler News Theatre on 20th March 1937 and in the 1950's it was known as the Jacey Cartoon cinema.  It closed at the end of Christmas 1969 and opened as The Jacey for continental feature films on 22nd January 1970

In the 1980's it was sold and was named the Tivoli, sold again in 1993 and was then given back it's first name - the Electric Cinema.  In 2004 Thomas Lawes bought it and it has continued as the oldest working cinema in the UK. 

The Cinephone, Bristol Street, Birmingham

Opened in 1913 as the Electric Picture House, a year later it became the Bristol Street Picture House, but in 1923 it was demolished and a new cinema built that was named the Broadway Cinema.   

Later acquired by Jacey, it was transformed to become a Cinephone and opened on 26th April 1956. 

Gala took over from Jacey in 1970's and it closed in 1984 having been run as the Climax cinema.

It was demolished and became a car showroom.  

Tatler News Theatre, Oxford Street, Manchester.

Opened in 1936 became known as the Tatler Theatre, closed on 30th September 1967.  Two weeks later in October 1976, it opened as the Manchester Film Theatre run by the British Film Institute.  Closed in April 1973.

Opened in August 1973 as the Jacey Film Theatre showing continental feature films.  

Later taken over as a Cameo Cinema.  Closed on 22nd October 1981, when it was demolished and became the Cameolord Pharmacy. 








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Re: Liverpool, David A Ellis says: -

"The Jacey projection room was small and was equipped with BTH SUPA projectors.  I remember the cafe having a jukebox that ran 16mm film. You could put your shilling in and watch your favourites perform their latest record. This was long before we had pop videos.  I only ever saw this type of jukebox at the Jacey but I am sure there must have been many around." 









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