1950 Broadcasts


British Pathe News that featured Jacey Cinemas Ltd

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In 1953 The News Theatre in Birmingham was 21 years old (the first News Theatre in the provinces) and the occasion was featured by Pathe News.  The theatre celebrated its 21st birthday by charging the same old prices as charged on the opening day for new films, Joseph Cohen is included.
21st Birthday of the News Theatre Birmingham

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The official opening of The Tatler News Theatre on 20th March 1937.

The Opening of The Tatler News Theatre

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In 1953 Pathe News announced that it is proud to be associated with Jacey Cinemas in providing a world film news service.  This news service also provided extra feature films of all the most important Royal events.  Most people did not own a Television in those days. 
Special Trailer for Jacey Cinemas

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In 1956 the official opening of the Cinephone in Birmingham was featured, Joseph and Doris Cohen, George and Betty, my sister Rayner presented the flowers to the Lady Mayoress.  
Opening of The Cinephone Birmingham

Video (5)  An extra news video that includes more of the above. 
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