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John Neville Cohen

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Pure Photography

John Neville Cohen devised new 'special effect' techniques based on photographs of projected images in the early 1960's. Years before computer manipulation existed, his fascinating creations taken on Kodachrome transparency film, won the top international photographic awards of the time.

Quite a number of major one-man exhibitions have been held, several sponsored by Kodak, in Europe and the U.S.A. An entire wing was devoted to his work at 'Photo Expo' held at the Coliseum, New York. Over 40 of his studies were exhibited, when even the most famous photographers were lucky to have three, or four pictures accepted!

He became one of the leaders in gaining recognition of colour photography as an art form. In 1969 he opened the first Gallery (probably in Europe) devoted to contemporary photography. 'Viewfinder' in Oxford Street, Marble Arch, London, sadly proved to be too far ahead of its time.

As the proprietor of a studio based in the historic Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, he provided both a graphic design and print consultancy, as well as a commercial photography practice. Most of his reputation however was gained as an amateur, before he turned professional, when photography was an enjoyable hobby.


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Aware of the need for copyright-free, high resolution digital images, he became a producer of PhotoCD library disks.  Each disk contains 100 of his specially created background photographs for the professional design market and desk top publishers.  These are sold world wide under the title 'Photobackings 100.'  Also available to view at this site - See PHOTOBACKINGS 100



To my darling wife Trudy, for all her love, kindness and patience.

To my dear parents Betty & George for far too many things to mention here.


To Kodak for so much encouragement and help in the past, both in the promotion and the organising of those important one-man exhibitions.

To all the other organisations that have arranged exhibitions, or published my work.

To many treasured friends, family, and all those who have helped, encouraged, or expressed their interest in my photography over the years - my grateful thanks.



I dedicate this article to my granddaughter Melissa.

Who was born just as I completed this portfolio.

9th October 1995


My Thanks

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With many thanks to each of the respective publishers.

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