I had made a comment, one day whilst feeling very frustrated, that I could write a book about all the problems we were having with our property development scheme.  Trudy replied, "Well why don't you?"

I thought about it and decided it would be anything but enjoyable reading - so who would ever want to read it?

Instead, I have written about my experiences, our friends (not about our family as that remains private) and all about my different business ventures, as one day our children, our grandchildren, or somebody just might be intrigued. 

So, this is mostly about my adult life, having left school.  I was an international award winning amateur photographer (promoted by Kodak), a director of Jacey Cinemas Ltd., an Asian antique collector, a Jensen classic car specialist, a partner of a sunbed business, a commercial photographer, an insurance agent, a property development director, and a publisher.  I seem to have concentrated on several aspects of graphic design, having created quite a lot of logos and house styles, brochures (included are the ones for my own businesses) and leaflets, as well as of course, my photography. 

We have been lucky enough to have met some really interesting people over the years and most have become our friends.

There is already plenty more information available at www.jncohen.net so, I have been rather brief here on some aspects and simply provided the relevant links instead.


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