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Spanish, 'John Neville Cohen' History of Jacey Cinemas, Joseph Cohen, Stamp Collecting, Large Limited edition prints.
German, 'John Neville Cohen' art, photography, History of Jacey Cinemas, Joseph Cohen, Stamp Collecting, Large Limited edition prints.
English 'John Neville Cohen' Asian antiques, Antique Netsuke and Inro, Japanese Lacquer, Chinese Antiques, Snuff Bottles, Pendants, Jade Carvings
Italiano, 'John Neville Cohen' Art, photography, Asian antiques, History of Jacey Cinemas, Joseph Cohen, Cinephone, News Theatre, Tatler News Theatre, Princes, Jacey, Cinemas
Chinese, 'John Neville Cohen' for; art, photography, Asian antiques, History of Jacey Cinemas, Joseph Cohen, Stamp Collecting, Large Limited edition prints.
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Japanese, 'John Neville Cohen' for; art, photography, Asian antiques, History of Jacey Cinemas, Joseph Cohen, Stamp Collecting, Large Limited edition prints.
Welcome to The Various Interests of John Neville Cohen

Contemporary Art, Netsuke, Snuff Bottles, Inro, Special Effect Photography,
Jacey Cinemas Ltd., Classic Jensen Cars  

Art Prints and Art Photography.   Painting with Light Limited Edition Pictures.
Netsuke, Snuff Bottles, Inro, Pendants and Jade.   'The Cohen Collection' of Asian antiques by Neil K. Davey + Robert Hall.
Jensen Classic Cars.     Joseph Cohen & The History of Jacey Cinemas Ltd.
Royalty Free Stock Photography that will not date.   'Special Effects' Photography a Free Course.

ENTER 'John Neville Cohen' for; art, photography, Asian antiques, History of Jacey Cinemas, Joseph Cohen, Stamp Collecting, Large Limited edition prints.

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DIRECT QUICK LINKS To John N. Cohen's dedicated site for Painting with Light Limited edition (only 8 of each) picture, fine art prints for sale
Articles for New Collectors
(Author John Neville Cohen) Invaluable help for collectors of Asian antiques. How to buy and avoid the most common mistakes, when buying antiques, particularly netsuke, inro, snuff bottles and jade.
The Cohen Collection of Asian antiques (645 colour photos of fine Japanese and Chinese antique; netsuke, inro, ojime, snuff bottles, pendants & jade carvings) all fully described by renowned experts Neil K. Davey + Robert Hall. An essential reference work for the serious collector that is beautiful and very easy to use.
Joseph Cohen & The History of Jacey Cinemas  Information on our family business created by my Grandfather Joseph Cohen.
British Classic Jensen Cars
(Author John Neville Cohen) Very informative about the rare Jensen 541S & CV8 sports cars, particularly about the little known superb Jensen 541S manual drive, a classic car with lots of photos.
Copyright Free or Royalty Free Stock Photographs - These are very low cost 18MB  photographs that will not date!
A Free 'Special Effects' Photography Course
(Author John Neville Cohen) Amazing to see what can be done without any expensive equipment, computer, or darkroom, all achieved with a projector - the magical magic lantern.  All details of this extraordinary technique are clearly explained.
Poetic Portfolio Fascinating photographic exhibition of 'The Magic Lantern' award winning 'special effect' photographs by John N. Cohen.
La Alcazaba Apartment in Puerto Banus For Sale Outstanding 3 double bedroom apartment, all on one level, for sale at La Alcazaba, Puerto Banus, Marbella, Spain
Investment Opportunities Opportunities and property.
Commercial Photography Professional photography and graphic design by Actuality photodigital.
Postage Stamps For Little People to see all the pages and paintings for a unique way of collecting stamps.
The Planning & Paintings for The Album Shows the first sketches and paintings and an amusing letter.
Marilyn Munroe, Sir Michael Balcon, Arthur Miller, Cecil Day-Lewis, Daniel Day- Lewis The not so distant relatives of the Bind side of the family.

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The Cohen collection
Reference publication of antique netsuke, inro, snuff bottles, pendants & Chinese jades
all fully described by world leading experts Neil K. Davey & Robert Hall.  
The Cohen collection is an easy to use CD-ROM with 645 colour photographs.

Details  Provides a good idea of the contents. 
More information
  Specification and brief notes by the authors.
Some more photos  A few more pieces from 'The Cohen collection'.
Notes from the publisher  Provides an insight as to the advantages of this CD-Rom.
Various quotations
  Comments from well know experts about this fine collection.
Returns policy
  Sets out what to do if there are any problems with an order.
Purchase order form
  To order direct from the publisher online.
Order form to fax or post

(Author John Neville Cohen)

Articles referring to antique collecting
Some of the Wealthiest Chinese are Now Investing in 18th Century Jade!  Jade prices have broken records.
Asian antiques and the economic crisis  Why Asian antiques are still breaking records.
Articles about collecting Asian antiques
  Invaluable information by John N. Cohen.
Collecting and buying values
  Describes how, why, and what to collect and how John related values.
Buying antiques in auctions or from dealers   Guidance and tips on buying antiques from dealers, or in auction.
Finding the best bargains of all can be so surprising!  The most expensive antiques became the best bargains!

Referring to Snuff bottles

Magical stone pictures  How to avoid mistakes buying snuff bottles & the use of flaws to create pictures.
Sensations in glass  All about how to assess the different types of glass snuff bottles.
Collecting & Bribery  The largest collection in China formed with bribes and tips on what to look out for.
Heavy stones that really float!   How antique jade, quartz and other heavy stones really can float in water.
Collecting only unique Chinese antiques
Describes various advantages in buying only the finest antiques. 
Amazing pictures from flaws in stones!  How natural inclusions were formed in to pictures on stone snuff bottles.
Inside Painted Chinese Snuff Bottles  Describes what aspects of inside painted snuff bottles intrigue the author most.

Referring to Japanese Lacquer and Netsuke
Sprinkled Pictures  All about lacquer and how pictures were formed by sprinkling rather than with a brush.
The fascination of inro & boxes  What inro are (how worn), about the artists and choice of subject matter.
Netsuke, ojime & inro really belong together  Why they belong together although often collected separately.
Keeping and handling Japanese inro   How to avoid the most common ways of damaging lacquer.
Netsuke cord holes (himotoshi)  About inspecting and recognising antique netsuke by the cord holes.


'Painting with Light'
High Quality Limited Edition Pictures for Sale by John Neville Cohen.
Limited Edition Prints
'Painting with Light' high quality prints limited to just 8 of each picture for sale.
Painting with Light a selection of award winning photography by John Neville Cohen.
Painting with light John Cohen created his own 'special effect' techniques without any darkroom, or computer,
by photographing projected images - all these techniques are described.
New digital pictures Stunning new digital pictures by John.
Abstract pictures Digital abstract pictures by John without using fractal methods.
Prices Details of the edition number, sizes and prices.
New Possibilities for Art Consultants and Interior Designers   Examples of how John
will alter the colours of any of his pictures and then create a new study especially for you,
without any obligation.  
Press Release Information and suggestions for a Press Release 2010.
Evidence News paper cuttings, Arts Review, R.P.S. Journal etc. about John's photography.
Evidence Letters about John's photography from famous people.
Terms Conditions of purchase.


Royalty Free Stock photos
Copyright free stock photos 'PHOTOBACKINGS 100' is published on a PhotoCD
consisting of 100 large 18MB background pictures that will not date, for both PC or Mac. 
Details of Photobackings 100  Provides a good idea of all the content.
  Full information on the specification.
Contact sheet 1 photographs 01 - 20

Contact sheet 2 photographs 21 - 40

Contact sheet 3 photographs 41 - 60

Contact sheet 4 photographs 61 - 80

Contact sheet 5 photographs 81 - 100

Returns policy
  Sets out what to do if there are any problems with an order.
Order form
  To order direct from the publisher online.
Order form to fax or post

(Author John Neville Cohen)

The Magic Lantern
Photographic magic or special effects

Amazing photographic special effects, without any darkroom or computer, all are fully explained
in this 'How to do it' article with examples and all secrets are revealed!
Contents  This is the home page of Photographic magic.
Exhibitions, reviews & awards  Dates of one man exhibitions, quotes and award details
Preface & acknowledgements
Introduction to the author  By Sir George F. Pollock Bt., M.A., F.R.P.S., F.R.S.A. 
Article list of chapters
  All the following chapters can easily be found from this page.
What exactly is needed
  Shows all that is required for these techniques.
Chapter 1 - The Magic Lantern  The free 'How to do it' photographic course by John N. Cohen.
Chapter 2 - Adding texture

Chapter 3 - Distortions & reflections

Chapter 4 - Crystal patterns

Chapter 5 - The subject becomes the screen

Chapter 6 - Sandwiching

Chapter 7 - Two projectors & image blending

Chapter 8 - Spirit of Spring & other examples

Chapter 9 - Filter blending and more projectors

Chapter 10 - Rear projection & inspired accidents


The Poetic portfolio
An exhibition of 75 unique 'special effect' photographs by John N. Cohen
About the Magic lantern & the portfolio  Go from this page to the portfolio exhibition or to 'How to do it'.
Exhibition - the first 15 photographs
  The first group of award winning photographs.
Exhibition 16 to 30 photographs

Exhibition 31 to 45 photographs

Exhibition 46 to 60 photographs

Exhibition 61 to 75 photographs


Actuality PhotoDigital Photography, Design and Publishing Studio - various examples,
including many special effects, created by award winning photographer John N. Cohen.
Photography & design statement also about the table shot
Some special effect examples
Architectural Studies

Photography as an essential part of the product

Product shot examples

TV commercial sample
Graphic design

(Author John Neville Cohen)


Interesting New Possibilities for Art Consultants and Interior Designers
About new pictures with required colours especially for you, without any obligation.
An Amazing and Unique Kodachro me Transparency
About the first transparency with both a negative and a positive image on the same emulsion.
The Magical Magic Lantern and Painting with Light
How the projector lives up to its earlier name and enabled John to invent 'Painting with Light'
to create his award winning pictures.
A unique and little known way of 'Painting With Light'
Describes John's invented technique used to create his award winning pictures.
The Magic Lantern Pure Photographic 'Special Effects' without a Computer or a Darkroom!
Describes in this free article explaining exactly how to do it.


Joseph Cohen & The History of Jacey Cinemas
Information on our family business created by my Grandfather Joseph Cohen.
Additional notes by John Neville Cohen.
Detailed history of each individual cinema.
British Pathe News that featured Jacey Cinemas Ltd
1950 Broadcasts by Pathe News that feature Jacey Cinemas Ltd.
About 300 images from our scrapbook of newspaper cuttings and photographs.
About Kenneth Rive (our close friend) who introduced the best of continental films to the UK.
About Joseph Cohen's Charity, Singers Hill Synagogue, his Masonic Lodge and the Roads named after him..

(Author John Neville Cohen)

Classic Jensen cars
Lots of information, photos and an article on Jensen British classic cars

of the early 1960's particularly the Jensen 541S and CV8
The Jensen article by John N. Cohen  All about values & the 541S and CV8 classic cars.
The Jensen article page 2  Classic car awards, Jensen as pioneers & ease of maintenance.
The Jensen article page 3  All about the luxurious & special features of these cars.
The Jensen article page 4  The sexy looks and rarity of the manual drive 541S.
The Jensen information page 1  Includes the following four items: -
Jensen new cars
The private Jensen car collection
History of our CV8
CV8 Road tests
The Jensen information page 2  Includes the following three items: -
541S production details
Books on Jensen
'1 JON registration number
What do we drive now?  Since emigrating, having sold all our cars, we now have an Audi A6 allroad.


A unique, illustrated postage stamp album with beautiful watercolour paintings by Richard Hillman.
The concept and design by Betty and George Cohen for stamps from all over the world.
Postage Stamps For Little People to see all the pages and paintings for a unique way of collecting stamps.
The Planning & Paintings for The Album Shows the first sketches and paintings and an amusing letter.


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The interests of John N. Cohen
include: -

'Painting with Light' Art Prints For Sale - Limited Edition Pictures.
'The Cohen Collection' reference work of netsuke, inro, snuff bottles and jade.

A Free 'Special Effects' pure photography course - Stock Photographs that will not date.
Details of Rare Jensen Classic Cars (541S and CV8) - Investment Opportunities.
Informative and invaluable 'Articles for new collectors' of Asian antiques.
'Poetic Portfolio' the Magic Lantern photography gallery of award winning photographs.
'Postage Stamps for Little People'  A unique special stamp collecting album.